Thursday, April 23, 2009

S'more please

As dark approaches, the nightlight of stars begin taking their places amongst the cool evening air. I sit alongside the warm glow of the fire pit wrapped in a down jacket, a blanket upon my lap, holding a skewer over the lick of flames so my marshmallow roasts.

I eagerly prepare my graham cracker with a fine spread of peanut butter and a wedge of semi-sweet dark chocolate. The freshly roasted marshmallow, complete with it’s gooey inside, melts the chocolate and warms the peanut butter into a blend of intoxicating sweetness. The jacket of graham crackers a perfect structure for what leaves remnants of ooze along my lips that I happily lick off.

The joyful chatter buzzes with storytelling; warms my soul as I participate in the ringside clatter of laughter.

Camping is a favorite! From childhood to adulthood I have vowed to keep this a staple and pass it’s enjoyment along to my children.

Fond memories of storytelling, hiking, and tenting are now shaped with new experiences much more- as they are now sprinkled with little giggles from my daughters. I love to create those first moments. Smores’ were my family’s tradition, and one I’d like to have my children participate in.

Because traditional marshmallows contain gelatin (processed through animal bones), we eliminated this pleasure until a year ago. It’s with great pleasure that I acknowledge “Sweet and Sara”. They are a Vegan marshmallow company. Sweet in taste and the perfect texture, these leave nothing left to be desired. Because they melt wonderfully, they will be an obvious substitute for my smores this summertime when I allow my oldest her first smore. Family traditions must continue!

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  1. i have been wondering about these so glad you blogged about them!