Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter is just five days away. While many of you are busily planning your festivities, the little ones are excitedly awaiting a basketful of goodies! I am constantly reminded of the commercial side of Easter while shopping; with the aisles of chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, and marshmallow peeps.

Following Christian beliefs, my family and I celebrate with a sunrise service, and participate in an Easter egg hunt afterwards. My sugar-overload anxiety began with my oldest daughter Mallory, when she joined in on her first egg hunt two years ago. Plastic eggs filled with candies made from hydrogenated oils, and other poor quality ingredients made me want to avoid this social activity. But, I’ve lightened up, realizing I can secretly toss most of it and allow her a small amount to enjoy.

Funny enough, her first year she loved rocks! Our own hidden eggs were filled with colorful stones, money, stickers, and vegetarian treats. This year, her third hunt, I’ve found some great alternative candies. Yes, it’s still candy. However, I feel better that it is of better quality! I guess you can call me a food snob.

Surf Sweets provides organic gummy worms, jellybeans, and other chewy candies. They are similar in taste, but made without artificial colors or flavors. However, the gummy worms contain gelatin, so if you are Vegetarian, I’d suggest their other choices. (http://www.surfsweets.com)

Then there are Mambas Vegan Fruit Chews. They are similar to Starburst. They too are an all-natural treat. Delicious!(http://www.veganessentials.com)

Lastly, for you chocolate lovers, the chocolate peanut butter bites sold at http://www.veganstore.com (1800-340-1200) are awesome. Both you and your little ones will delight in this treat.

My youngest daughter Margeux is only eight months old, has four teeth, and her sweet tooth has not quite developed. But come next year, I will return to these same companies for the selection they provide for this once a year egg hunt.

God Bless!

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