Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Q.Bel, the way to go!

Who didn’t love Kit Kats or still does? It’s that wafer and chocolate combination that is quite a winner. Though as I have gotten older and savvier to higher quality ingredients, I prefer to avoid this tasty treat and instead partake of a great competitor.

I came across a company called Q.Bel. It’s an all-natural wafer bar that comes in a few flavors including dark chocolate mint chocolate. Truly, these have made their way into my shopping cart on most every visit to my local health food store.

Q.Bel does not use artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, or preservatives. Additionally, they have no use of corn syrup or hydrogenated oils as does other chocolate bars. It’s a winner all around!

Check out their website at http://www.qbelfoods.com