Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The News is it's VegNews!

Those who know me well know I am a master multi-tasker; I rarely sit still. By evening, which is sadly 9 p.m., I am exhausted. With two small children I have sadly forsaken my love of reading. Reading was my way of relaxing my constant thoughts. Pathetically, as of late, I picked up a novel I started two years ago; “The Silver Hand”, by Stephen Lawhead.

Having cancelled most of my magazine subscriptions, due to lack of time, I took up literary gratitude in solitude as I sojourned doctor’s appointments. Each word I read was a tasty morsel, making me crave more; sort of like my chocolate addiction. For me, not having words is like standing naked surrounded by strangers while awaiting a train ride. It’s disconcerting!

So to merge my fervor of reading with cooking, I purchased the last three issues of VegNews. It is an awesome vehicle of educating oneself on current environmental issues, while simultaneously and harmonically entertaining your inner culinary agendas. Beautifully laid out, it is a sophisticated and friendly read. Additionally, if you want to know who or how the rich and famous eat Vegetarian, this magazine will solicit to your inner curiosities, and further your knowledge of particular “stars” with its interview section.

Honestly, I’ve prepared most of the fare offered each issue, and they have intelligibly chosen palate-pleasing recipes. In the February 2009 issue, the Clam-Free Chowdah (pg.60) is a great rendition of the original dairy and clam filled soup. VegNews won’t disappoint you! Now all I have to do is subscribe!

$4.95/ issue- http://www.vegnews.com

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