Friday, February 20, 2009

Love at First Bite!

About a year ago, while visiting some friends in San Jose, we took a day trip into the San Francisco area on a rainy afternoon. We casually strolled along the streets enjoying lunch and window shopping. Our friends knew of a little shop called Miette Confiserie; a charming candy shop.

Anyone who knows me, knows I was born with a sweet tooth. This store brought out my inner child as I excitedly found some new treats to try.

While in Miette, I discovered some beautifully packaged chocolate by Charles Chocolate. Sometimes the packaging is my sole purpose for picking up a product. I was anticipating the chocolate to be as divine as it's wrapper, and chose a Ginger Chocolate bar. I am pleased to say that after I took my first nibble the wrapping and it's contents held true to my ideals. It was the right amount of sweet with a pleasent taste of ginger. Charles Chocolates are still one of my top favorite three chocolate brands!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy Day Cupcakes

Monday was wonderful! We were trapped inside our house while the sky cried for hours on end, and the clouds remained gray. What better activity to do than bake! My daughter Mallory, now three, loves the color pink. I think that Disney movies reinforce this passion with all the grand princess attire. Anyways, she insisted that the frosting be pink.

I think Red #5 or any other numeric is nothing but a shame to the world of food. Food coloring is simply NOT a food ingredient!

Mallory and I gleefully danced to, "Who Can It Be Now?" by Men At Work, while we hunted and gathered our ingredients. Meanwhile, my sixth month old daughter Margeux peacefully slept. Our recipe for the day: Maple Sweetened Vanilla Cupcakes with Rose Painted Frosting.

How did we get that pink color you ask? There is a wonderful alternative to food dye. A company called SE'ELECT, sold at Health Food stores, created coloring made by 100% natural food ingredients. The company has developed a handful of colors. Their Red/Pink is made from beet juice.

My daughter was estactic when I produced pink frosting, and equally enjoyed using my pastry bag/ tips for the first time to decorate her beloved cupcake! Thank you SE'ELECT!