Saturday, April 25, 2009

Egg Free...The Way I Want To Be

Growing up in Westminster, CA. I had an unusual upbringing. My backyard was a small farm. We had turtles, geese, rabbits, chickens, dogs, cats, birds, and hamsters. We also had several fruit trees and quite a large garden.

The neighbor down the street had a miniature horse. My elementary school class would take tours in our “farm” and the gentleman would have his horse available for rides. It was a great experience that created a passion for homegrown produce, gardening, and animal care.

Because I had some interesting pets, this fabricated reason for me not desiring the eggs in which they produced. I couldn’t bare the thought of eating what came out of my pet chickens butt (a child’s understanding). I was often left at the table with my scrambled eggs getting cold and trying to creatively hide them under the rim of my plate or spit them in my napkin. I’d try to flavor them with ketchup in order to stomach them, but thoughts of bloody embryos/baby chicks didn’t make them sit well in my mouth…and I’d eventually spit them out.

To this day, I can’t stand the smell or taste of eggs. Baking has been a challenge at times, but I find it my goal to make amazing tasting pastries that are egg/ dairy free. So far, I have made many mouths pleasantly surprised and ever content.

Eggs, as most of you know, are used for product shelf stability, flavor enhancing, and ingredient binding. A great source of protein, they are a staple in most households. Although, for some they are an allergen. I avoid them for the simple reason of distaste.

For several years, I have been asked how I bake without the use of eggs. My answer, there are ample ways to avoid them. Below is a list of alternatives.

1. Tofu
2. “Egg Replacer” by EnerG
3. Banana, Pureed Fruit, Apple Sauce, Date or Prune Puree, Berries, (anything high in pectin…which is a gelatinous, slippery ingredient derived from the skin of fruit)
4. Pectin
5. Agar Agar
6. Arrowroot
7. Kuzu, or other root starches
8. Flax seeds- soak overnight in H20 at room temp.

To replace eggs in cake recipes:
*Use 3 Tbsp. Liquid (soymilk, water, or juice) for each egg
*Use 1/8-pound tofu (silken is best) blended with liquid ingredients for each egg
*Use 3 Tbsp. Liquid plus 1 Tbsp arrowroot plus 1 Tbsp. Flour for each egg

I have personally tried all of these methods. Depending on what I am baking, one may be preferable over the other. But, they all work.

Happy Baking!

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