Thursday, October 8, 2009

Delight of Donuts

It had been all too long since I indulged in a donut. The sweet dough, the icing, and the way it crumbled in my mouth, seemed a long ago thought, until recently.

From the end of September through the beginning of October, my family and I hopped a plane to visit my parents in the beautiful state of Washington. They moved about five years ago near the Case Inlet by the Puget Sound. It is absolutely gorgeous, and even more so during this visit with the vibrant colors of Autumn. Amazing red maple trees, variegated firs, and an orchestra of ferns struck a harmonious chord inside me that left my heart aglow. It was difficult to leave behind and return to our urban cement surroundings.

What made it even harder was again visiting Seattle, which has the allure of culture, media, and great restaurants. This time around we had the great delight of partaking in Vegan donuts from “Mighty O’ Donuts”. And how Mighty they were!

Mighty O’ Donuts is nestled among the Wallingford neighborhood area of Seattle. As we strolled down the sidewalks scattered with fall leaves, admiring the vintage Craftsman houses, we became in love with Seattle. An additional treat was the presence of the sweet aroma of freshly baked donuts wafting through the crisp air as we neared our destination. It was divine!

What began as a basement business selling to neighbors and local farmers markets in 2000, turned legitimate business during 2001 when Mighty O’s owners shared a commercial bakery spot with another company. It wasn’t until 2002 that they secured a spot in the historic building of Wallingford and have been selling their tasty treats since.

Growing up my dad would buy Winchell's donuts on Sundays before we headed to church. It was our weekly treat, as my mom did not allow sugary foods in the house during the week. My favorite were the chocolate covered long johns. So scrumptious.

Because of the nature and quality of donuts, I left them behind when I became Vegetarian. Though I have had the option of a refrigerated vegan donut company that used to be sold at my local Health food store, but they long ago discontinued them. Strangely enough, it seems my jobs are always located amongst these sweet little pastries shops with their incredible scent calling my name.

So heck, I indulged. Indeed I did! From Mint/Chocolate- Chocolate glazed, to Peanut butter swirl, and Cinnamon too, I indulged. Sprinkles, Nut covered, and Double Chocolate I tasted; and still wanted more. What started with one taste ended with nine leaving Mighty O’s doors. Had we have spent more time in Seattle; I’d have stopped by again. It’s not often I gorge myself on desserts, but felt the need to take more in!

Organic and all natural, and sweet as can be, Mighty O’ Donuts knocked the socks off of me!

When in Seattle do visit!

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