Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not!

Go Green!

We’ve all heard it…..Global Warming! While there are some people standing out with picket signs and getting political, most of us prefer to make changes quietly in our own home and support these needed changes on a ballot. Both are a great way to do the necessary!

Global warming, as most of you know, is one of the main environmental concerns of our time. Our Earth is heavily affected by all the pollution around us, and not able to cool down. Obviously, for every cause there is an affect.

How can you do your part? There are many! The more you do, the better. The more you can encourage others to do the same, can also make a phenomenal impact.

Below are some suggestions I encourage you to try or to pass along to others. If you have some suggestions of your own that you feel would be of benefit to pass along to my readers, please leave a comment/suggestion.

1. Compost- turns your food waste into rich soil for your garden and in turn eliminates
some of our landfill issues. For a list of what’s compostable visit:

2. Reuse- reusing not only helps with less waste, you will keep more money in your
pocket….especially in an economy like today’s.

3. Recycle- Buy recycled products. Additionally, what you think is trash can be made
into treasure. For a list of recycables visit:

4. Reduce- don’t think you need to keep up with the Jones’s. Think supply and demand.
The less we demand, the less is being created in factories (saving energy costs)
Additionally it helps with keeping money in your pocket.

5. Support “Green” Business- Companies that are conscious about producing goods
without pesticides and herbicides, companies that donate money to charitable causes,
companies that practice environmental consciousness- are the businesses we should

6. Buy Organic- products not created or grown with pesticides/ herbicides only better
the condition of our soil, air, water, etc. If you don’t see organic at your local market-
request that they carry some.

7. Support Local Farmers- food taste best when it hasn’t traveled very far. By supporting
local vendors/farmers, there will be less transportation of goods= less pollution

8. Buy BPA free plastic-

9. Eat Vegetarian- Even if you don’t want to convert to being Vegetarian, eating this way
puts less constraints on the Earth. Try it even at one meal.

10. Buy Fair Trade Products-

11. Make Sun Tea- less waste because you’re heating by the Sun versus by gas/electric.

12. Unplug Plugs- less electricity use

13. Drive a fuel efficient car or keep yours running well- remember to get your smog
check- this eliminates unwanted air pollution, etc.

14. Substainable products/ landscaping- less water usage. Ask your local nursery for a
list of substainable agriculture/ plants. Remember: Don’t use poisons- they end up
in our oceans. Ask your nursery or look online to get rid of unwanted garden pests.

15. Follow your local water day policys- there’s a reason for it, it’s not to inconvience

16. Dehydrate or Can= Less Food Waste, less demand

17. Fix Leaks/ Take Shorter Showers- Less H20 waste

18. Use a tankless water heater- less water use

19. Replace Light Bulbs for Earth Friendly lightbulbs-

20. Use Blankets instead of a heater and open windows for fresh breeze instead of air

21. Insulate and use reflective material in your attic/home. Keeps you cool in the
Summer/ Warm in the Winter and also is a tax right off!

22. Use a Push Mower- less air pollution, (noise and gasoline), also exercises your body.

23. Use Canvas Bags when you shop- Plastic takes a long time to decompose and Paper
kills our trees….canvas is reusable!

24. Run/Bike/Walk/Carpool- this has a great affect on our carbon print we leave behind.
What’s a carbon print? Visit-

25. Don’t flush the toilet as often unless it’s #2. -Water saving technique.

26. Re-use gray water- ex: collect water in a bucket while showering and use it to water
your garden.

27. Buy in Bulk

28. Wind/ Solar Power-

29. Re-dye old clothing to make them look new again.

30. Buy Earth Friendly cookware-

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Thanks for doing your part!

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