Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take the "YUK" out of eating Vegetables.

My days of making gourmet meals are few and far between right now at this stage of my life. Working full time while raising three kids, has taken its toll on my menu planning. Instead quick and simple, but still delicious kid friendly dishes have replaced them, albeit the adults have a slightly tastier version.

I hoped that my kids would eat perfectly rounded meals, particularly being a trained chef, but I came to the reality that they have toddler tummies and toddler taste buds. As long as they taste the food I prepare, they are able to eat/pick out what they don’t like on a plate, and many nights this works.

To keep myself from worrying about their nutritional values, I do supplement. My kids are on the veggie and fruit JUICE PLUS chewies, they take a dissolvable B12 pill, a multi, and a DHA/omega 3 fatty acid chewy, and I have now added KIDZ Superfood.

While shopping at my local health food market, I came across a sample packet of KIDZ Superfood. I sprung this on my kids with great enthusiasm. It’s a rainbow in a jar; a variety of super foods along with probiotic ingredients. I swear its caption is true; “We’ve taken the “YUK!” out of eating vegetables”. My kids love it, and so do I.

Look for it in your health food stores. I don’t think it will disappoint you.

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