Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organic Baby Food

As my little lady is nearing 7 months, I am introducing her to more foods. Watching Matilda grow has a new sentiment, as she is our last. As a busy working mom, I really had hoped to make all my food from scratch, but was not able to with such a hectic schedule. There are some things that are easy and quick, but I have fallen to convienence in this department.

I was delighted to see that some new brands appeared in the markets since I last bought baby food over 2 years ago. I love the company “Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food”. Not only for it being Organic, but also for the variety of flavors.

Having gotten fussy over other brands, Matilda has not complained once with the choices that Ella’s provides. She loves the rutabaga blend, and tonight ate the broccoli, pear, and pea combo.

Made without preservatives, thickeners, or sweeteners, this baby food is a great alternative to making your own.

Pure and Simple, exactly what I like.

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