Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Tru, I'm Whipped!

A Vegetarian for 16 years, I left whipped creme along the wayside some time ago. It's hydrogenated oil, trans fat, and poor ingredients had little to offer me except its taste. Sadly, I have missed it as an addition to banana splits, as a garnish for cobbler, or as an accompaniment to strawberries.

After trying many alternative whipped toppings, and even trying to create my own, I remained disappointed. However, a month ago, while busy filling my basket with phyllo dough from the frozen food section to make spanikopitas, I caught a glimpse of Tru-Whip.

Tru-Whip is an all-natural, certified organic alternative to whipped creme. It stated no hydrogenated oils, no GMO's or trans- fat. In the mood to test my tastebuds, I tossed it in my basket and found some strawberries in the produce section.

Plump, juicy strawberries; considered to be an aphrodisiac, are quite delicious on their own. Add some Tru-whip and they are down right sultry!

Tru-whip is light, creamy, and sweet. I was amazed by its similar texture to that of my former dessert companion. Satiated, I know It's Tru. I'm whipped!

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