Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vegetarian Pregnancy

I thought I was done. In fact, my husband had three appointments to get the ole' snip snip. But, we find ourselves now seven weeks along expecting our third child. Three kids. Never thought I'd be having "a" kid, let alone three. As a young adult, I never wanted them, however I now can't imagine life without them, and look forward to meeting my third.

I praise God for giving me two relatively healthy girls. As I embrace my fifth pregnancy, I hope for the best. Having had two miscarriages, I had people automatically jumping to the conclusion that I had them because of being Vegetarian. Not the case. It's hereditary. Since no one else in my family (either mom or dad's side) is a Vegetarian, that theory was put to rest; along with the DNA testing that followed suit.

So with that said, I wanted to be a little bit of a spokesperson for the Vegetarian mom, or one that may be expecting soon.

I realize everyone has their own opinion, and without being a doctor, I only express my opinions from my own experience.

During my pregnancies carrying my two daughters, I couldn't stand the smell of garlic, nor the taste of vegetables. I only craved cheese. So, my main staple was quesadillas. Normally, I can't stand the milk laden, chewy, stringy, by-product of a cow. So, I was flexible.

Having gained a doctor approved 17 pounds with my first and 19 pounds with my second, I am curious what this third will bring on. I know my muscles are already relaxed and remembering that form. The feeling of "all jelly, no toast" sitting around my mid-section is a constant reminder as well as the nausea setting in.

The difference this time around is that Lent has started, and I took a self vow to omit sweets from my diet, and not partake in Facebook usage. So, I will still be blogging, but not about desserts. But I promise, after these 40 days (tomorrow 34) pass, I will once again provide you with new product reviews and dessert recipes.

Until then, stayed tuned....if my tastebuds cooperate, I will bring you some new recipes soon!

Blessings to you all!

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